POLITICAL Shorts Festival – January 27/28 event.

Watch the Best of POLITICAL shorts from around the world today. A showcase of 10 films. Watch on the Film Festival Streaming Service for 48 hours starting at 12:01am EST on January 27th.

Go to http://www.wildsound.ca and sign up for the 7 day free trial to watch the Political Feature and a new film festival every single day.

See the Full Lineup of Films:


Directed by R. Ruvens
David and Roberto, a couple of journalists stationed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, take refuge from the war in a shelter full of rubble. There they will run into Badou, a frightened and friendly child with whom quickly, and thanks to photography, they will make friends with.

RETURN TO MORIA, 10min., Germany, Documentary

Directed by Javier Toscano
This short film documents one of the infamous refugee camps on the borders of Europe: Moria, in Greece. An insider narrates dramatic episodes which he witnessed during hs confinement. Afterwards, he watches the remains of the site, and reflects on the meaning of the desolation we are confronted with.

LUCA PROJECT, 15min., Spain, Sci-Fi/Mockumentary

Directed by Sergi Sandúa Pina
From Earth’s orbit to Pluto, at different points in the solar system, several testimonies explain the reasons that led to the launch of the largest and most ambitious social-scientific project in history, known as “Project Luca”, focused on the study and protection of life, an initiative that promotes academic and emotional training based on mutual respect between human beings.

TRANSITION, 3min., France, Drama

Directed by Serge Barbagallo

SONGS TO THE DEAD CHILDREN IN AUSCHWITZ, 12min,. Germany/Spain, Documentary

Directed by Eduardo Soutullo Garcia
The four elements: fire, water, wind and earth.
Four of the “Songs of the Death of Children” composed by Gustav Mahler.
Four testimonies from the Auschwitz concentration camp on the true story of Gisella Perl, the prison gynecologist who helped abort hundreds of inmates to prevent the Nazi officer Dr. Joseph Mengele from using them for his experiments and vivisections.

BORDER (FRONTERA), 3min,. Spain, Drama/Fantasy

Directed by Anatael Pérez Hernández
In a desert moor the figure of a boy crosses the horizon. Without a clear destination, the boy is overtaken by the extraordinary.

SUFFOCATION (ASFIXIA), 9min., Spain, Experimental

Directed by Fuente Barrera
Cinema and poetry go hand in hand in this challenging, political and hard experimental piece with a twilight aesthetic.

GREAT BUG, 3min., South Korea, Documentary

Directed by Cio Park
The Emptiness of mass production and playful consumption. The magnificent patterns produced by industry become a beautiful nothingness. It shows a macroscopic view of human life, which has many things in common with bug.

HIBAKUSHA, 13min., Japan, Documentary

Directed by Quentin Gassiat
This documentary was shot in nowadays Japan, in Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Fukushima Prefecture, using a Super 8 camera and old film. By playing on our relationship to memory, it shows how these symbolic places exist today in relation to the events that took place there. These images come in dialogue with the testimony of the hibakusha Moriuchi Minoru, a survivor of Nagasaki, who tells how the atomic bomb changed the course of his life.

DAKHLA: CINEMA AND OBLIVION, 15min. Sahara/Spain, Documentary

Directed by Arturo DueÑas Herrero
Life is going on in Dakhla, one of the Sahrawi refugee camps in southern Algeria, forgotten for 45 years. Since they cannot go to the cinema, the cinema reaches them: the celebration of Fisahara breaks the monotony. With it come foreigners, politicians, artists, journalists … The event ends and life (and oblivion) continues. As for 45 years.

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