October 2022 Festival – Highlights & Videos

A showcase of the winning feature film from the festival.

GLOBAL CITIES FREE OF SLAVERY, 52min., Brazil, Documentary
Directed by Luiz Eduardo Lerina

Global Cities Free of Slavery is a 52-minute documentary on modern slavery and the exploitation of labor in three different cities, located in different continents. Nottingham in the UK, Maputo in Mozambique and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

Regardless of the geographic location, it’s clear to realize that the issue of modern slavery occurs globally. The exploitation of work in the fashion industry and in the specific case of Brazil, where about 1 million seamstresses work in degrading conditions. On the other hand, the exploitation of work that occurs among millions of illegal immigrants in Europe, considering that UK is the second European country that receives the most immigrants today. And finally, child marriage that still occurs among hundreds of millions of children in the world, mainly in the low-income countries. And in the case of Mozambique, where it is still common for female children to be taken out of schools and forced into premature motherhood and condemned to live in conditions analogous to slavery.

Watch the Audience Feedback Video:

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