January 2023 Festival – Highlights & Videos

Showcase of the best FILMS in the world today.

Audience Award Winners:
Best Film: A BOY OF MAY

Watch the Audience Feedback Video for each film:

A BOY OF MAY, 16min., South Korea, Animation/Documentary

Directed by Seung-il Chon
Jeong Sae-nal, the young boy in Gwang-ju City, receives new sneakers as a 12th birthday gift, but he is shot by martial law forces while playing with his friends in a mountain reservoir in the back of the town. Sae-nal wakes up to the moonlight and the scent of wild roses, and flies to downtown of Gwang-ju City on a sneaker plane. He meets countless people who fought for democracy against the soldier’s guns and flies high in a sneaker plane.


WATCH HERE – The audience feedback video of the film!

ROE v. WADE: A NATION DIVIDED, 9min., USA, Documentary

Directed by Sarah Woodward
After an alleged leak from the supreme court revealed the potential for a long-anticipated overturn of Roe Vs. Wade, the steps of capitals throughout the country found themselves the epicenter for protests. Though the actual definition of how to define a woman has been stricken from the vocabulary of permissible debate, it didn’t stop the trans-women from coming out to declare their “Constitutional Right”.


WATCH HERE – The audience feedback video of the film!

THE CHILDREN OF GOD, 32min., India, Documentary

Directed by Parthajit Baruah
This documentary looks at the social taboos prevailing in the social-cultural framework of India. Sanam, a young school girl, begins to feel that she is psychologically transformed from a girl to a boy, and starts to cut her hair, wear, walk and behave like a boy. One day, when she reaches her class late, the class teacher humiliated, bullied and abused her in the classroom. Even the class teacher asked her to take off her panty to check her gender. At such a critical moment, she even thinks of committing suicide. The compassionate principal of her school shows her a way out by giving the mobile number of Kuhi, a member of LGBTQ community. Sanam discovers herself in a new world, and finds a space of her own through her encounter with Kuhi.

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THE SWITCH, 4min., Canada, Dance

Directed by Thomas Obewu
Unify “The People” and stand for something
It’s time to hit “The Switch” and wake up!!


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TRACKS, 11min., Netherlands, Documentary

Directed by Maclovia G Martel
A visual Journey of remembrance in Amsterdam.

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ANTISEMITE, 13min., USA, Drama

Directed by Michelle Bossy
Seth, a college senior, is home for winter break. He’s spending a day relaxing and shopping on Fairfax Avenue when he’s suddenly confronted by an Orthodox Jewish man asking Seth if he’s Jewish. Seth’s chance encounter leads to a profound spiritual experience with life-changing implications.


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POLITICAL Shorts Festival – January 27/28 event.

Watch the Best of POLITICAL shorts from around the world today. A showcase of 10 films. Watch on the Film Festival Streaming Service for 48 hours starting at 12:01am EST on January 27th.

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See the Full Lineup of Films:


Directed by R. Ruvens
David and Roberto, a couple of journalists stationed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, take refuge from the war in a shelter full of rubble. There they will run into Badou, a frightened and friendly child with whom quickly, and thanks to photography, they will make friends with.

RETURN TO MORIA, 10min., Germany, Documentary

Directed by Javier Toscano
This short film documents one of the infamous refugee camps on the borders of Europe: Moria, in Greece. An insider narrates dramatic episodes which he witnessed during hs confinement. Afterwards, he watches the remains of the site, and reflects on the meaning of the desolation we are confronted with.

LUCA PROJECT, 15min., Spain, Sci-Fi/Mockumentary

Directed by Sergi Sandúa Pina
From Earth’s orbit to Pluto, at different points in the solar system, several testimonies explain the reasons that led to the launch of the largest and most ambitious social-scientific project in history, known as “Project Luca”, focused on the study and protection of life, an initiative that promotes academic and emotional training based on mutual respect between human beings.

TRANSITION, 3min., France, Drama

Directed by Serge Barbagallo

SONGS TO THE DEAD CHILDREN IN AUSCHWITZ, 12min,. Germany/Spain, Documentary

Directed by Eduardo Soutullo Garcia
The four elements: fire, water, wind and earth.
Four of the “Songs of the Death of Children” composed by Gustav Mahler.
Four testimonies from the Auschwitz concentration camp on the true story of Gisella Perl, the prison gynecologist who helped abort hundreds of inmates to prevent the Nazi officer Dr. Joseph Mengele from using them for his experiments and vivisections.

BORDER (FRONTERA), 3min,. Spain, Drama/Fantasy

Directed by Anatael Pérez Hernández
In a desert moor the figure of a boy crosses the horizon. Without a clear destination, the boy is overtaken by the extraordinary.

SUFFOCATION (ASFIXIA), 9min., Spain, Experimental

Directed by Fuente Barrera
Cinema and poetry go hand in hand in this challenging, political and hard experimental piece with a twilight aesthetic.

GREAT BUG, 3min., South Korea, Documentary

Directed by Cio Park
The Emptiness of mass production and playful consumption. The magnificent patterns produced by industry become a beautiful nothingness. It shows a macroscopic view of human life, which has many things in common with bug.

HIBAKUSHA, 13min., Japan, Documentary

Directed by Quentin Gassiat
This documentary was shot in nowadays Japan, in Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Fukushima Prefecture, using a Super 8 camera and old film. By playing on our relationship to memory, it shows how these symbolic places exist today in relation to the events that took place there. These images come in dialogue with the testimony of the hibakusha Moriuchi Minoru, a survivor of Nagasaki, who tells how the atomic bomb changed the course of his life.

DAKHLA: CINEMA AND OBLIVION, 15min. Sahara/Spain, Documentary

Directed by Arturo DueÑas Herrero
Life is going on in Dakhla, one of the Sahrawi refugee camps in southern Algeria, forgotten for 45 years. Since they cannot go to the cinema, the cinema reaches them: the celebration of Fisahara breaks the monotony. With it come foreigners, politicians, artists, journalists … The event ends and life (and oblivion) continues. As for 45 years.

Watch Today’s Short Film: GLITCH Short Film, 10min., USA, Horror/Sci-Fi

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During COVID, a single mom takes on a new assignment that has chilling consequences.


Director Statement
Today, we’re consumed by technology more than ever, especially during a pandemic when boredom and isolation festers. GLITCH is a contemporary sci-fi on the danger of powerful technologies in the wrong hands – and how they can entirely consume us!

Directed by Sara Caldwell, Walter Gorey

Cast: Philicia Saunders, Jerreal Khari, Patricia Mizen, Ian McQuown

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DOC Feature Film – LIFE AFTER DEATH? – SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE. Dec. 31st festival

Festival Reviews

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Directed by Iqbal Chand Malhotra
The most intriguing enigma of modern India is the disappearance of her most dynamic and daring freedom fighter, ‘Netaji’ Subhash Chandra Bose, in the middle of August, 1945. Though the goal of a free India was achieved in 1947, there was no trace of the man who had wanted this most passionately through armed struggle; inspired millions to contribute to his war effort and enthused thousands to join his Indian National Army, to fight alongside the Japanese against the British-Indian Forces in South and South-East Asia. Even 77 years later, the mystery stands unresolved with important documents in Russia, France, the UK, and even in India…

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WILDsound Festival

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GOODBYE, SAM, 29mi., USA, Dark Comedy
Directed by Michael Dufek
After being caught up in an unexpected love triangle, Sam must find out who she is on her own.

From Michael Dufek:

I always wanted to make a film like this. I first loved the idea of an extremely flawed protagonist who just can’t seem to do the right thing. From the idea to the finished product, how long did it take for you to make this film? From writing the first scene to the finished edit, it took me a full year. I actually started writing the first scene on my down time when I was PA on a bunch of sets.

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Classic Video: The Carsenio Hall Show – Saturday Night Live

Matthew Toffolo's Summary

It’s the Carsenio Hall show, with your host… Carsenio! Aired 05/18/91

Was it a coincidence that Johnny Carson stepped down as host of the Tonight Show after 29 years just three days after this segment aired on Saturday Night Live? Perhaps. Perhaps not. But this even making the airwaves on Carson’s own NBC network was a bit shocking. I was only 15 years old when this very funny SNL skit played and I even understood what it meant. Johnny Carson was going to be very pissed off by what he saw.

Carson had a lot of power back in the 70s and 80s. He was doing a nightly show that pulled in fantastic ratings, and it really didn’t cost all that much to produce each show. The guests were plugging a movie or something so they didn’t cost anything. The studio audience watched for free. And the studio was already…

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Deadline Today: Style, Experimental, Fashion Film Festival

Experimental Film & Music Video Festival

This festival’s location is as mainstream and as Hollywood as it gets. It’s located in downtown Los Angeles, right beside the Staples Center, home of the LA Kings, Clippers, and Lakers (LeBron James). And also right beside the convention center which holds a nightly concert.

So…….let’s put on a film festival that showcases films & talent that no other festival does. Alternative films. Fashion films. Music Videos, Dance Pieces. Films without a plot. Films that let the visuals and sounds tell the emotions and let the audience interpret their own feelings.

Submit via FilmFreeway:

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NEW Showcase: Submit your FEATURE FILM and receive an audience feedback promotional/testimonial video of your film. Great video to use to get into more festivals and/or promote your film. All submissions receive feedback on their film no…

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December 2022 Festival – Highlights & Videos

A showcase of the winning Feature Film for 2022 from the Political Festival.

Liar-In-Chief: A Chronicle of the Trump Presidency Through the Eyes of An Outraged Graphic Artist, 82min., USA, Documentary
Directed by M Kaplan

A multi-award winning, often biting satirical documentary, using original still photo montages and short videos created by the director, chronicling the horrors of Trump’s presidency.

Watch the Audience Feedback Video: https://www.wildsound.ca/videos/liar-in-chief-review

November 2022 Festival – Highlights & Videos

Showcase of the best FILMS in the world today.

Audience Award Winners:
Best Film: LILI
Best Cinematography: THE SEQUENCE
Best Direction: A HAIRCUT

Watch the Audience Feedback Video for each film:

THE SEQUENCE, 7min., UK, Drama/Thriller
Directed by Daniel Mars
A war refugee is intercepted by the MI-5 to testify against the very same Warlord he is hunting for the murder of his family

WATCH HERE – The audience feedback video of the film!

Directed by Thomas Chen Hui Gilchrist
The history and importance of governmental regulation of money in United States politics.

WATCH HERE – The audience feedback video of the film!

LILI, 15min., Puerto Rico, Drama/Thriller
Directed by Brian Rios
A father and daughter must cross the border in order to find a better life, but the daughter cannot speak.

WATCH HERE – The audience feedback video of the film!

A HAIRCUT, 15min,. China, Drama
Directed by Anran Zhao
High school student Xiao Ruan likes her long and black hair; after she learned that the new school has a rule that girls must keep short hair; she decided to use the wig to disguise herself. Jiang Yu, the monitor who has been protecting herself with a wig as well, could easily see Xiao Ruan’s secret and they became good friends, but when the two girls secretly rejoiced for their success, Jiang Yu was discovered by the head class teacher.

WATCH HERE – The audience feedback video of the film!

Directed by Susana Sánchez-Carballo
The series “Imagination of Unfulfilled Desires” revolves around the idea of the unwanted maternity. This audiovisual creation opens up the possibility to reflect on the fact that the desire of not having children or getting an abortion is a silent scream: Nobody acknowledges this communication.

WATCH HERE – The audience feedback video of the film!

Winning Script Reading: Show me your Teeth, by Scott Liapis

An undocumented migrant worker on the run from a pack of bloodthirsty vampires, moves to a small meat-packing town in Nebraska in hopes of giving her son a better life. But the increasingly volatile relationship between Mexican workers and white locals might prove a breaking point for them both.


Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
Nilda: Kyana Teresa
Christopher: Steve Rizzo