Short Film: COUNTY, 26min., USA, Documentary

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COUNTY, 26min., USA, Documentary
Directed by Fahim Hamid
The biggest secret in politics is the smallest office you could possibly run for. “County” is a documentary about County Committee—the fundamental building blocks of our democracy that our Parties don’t want you to know about—and the activists in NYC fighting to unveil and reform a corrupt system.

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Director Biography – Fahim Hamid

Fahim Hamid is a Bangladeshi-born and Brooklyn-raised filmmaker who started out as an actor. After getting involved in social and political activism in NYC, he began making commercials and documentary videos for campaigns and organizations. “County” is his first film.

Director Statement

“County” is the culmination of my experiences with political organizing in New York. I hope for it to shed light on a fascinating but oft-overlooked aspect of our democratic system.

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