Feature Film: BLOODY PETROL, 52min., Netherlands, Documentary

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BLOODY PETROL, 52min., Netherlands, Documentary
Directed by Reza Azadi
From Nov. 16th till Nov 21th, 2019, only within less than a week ,the ruling government in Iran, massacred over 1500 citizens in the streets of several country’s cities Regretfullv word’s mainstream media reaction to such massacre was complete silence and international media didn’t cover a bit of such a human massacre.This documentary tries to showcase a small portion of that massacre nothing less than a genocide.

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Director Biography – Reza Azadi

My name is Reza Azadi. Im 51 years old originally from Iran,where i was a professional actor. In 2000 i moved to the Netherlands, where i have made 4 documentary film sofar.
Holocaust ,,, myth ?! 2007

Black Spring 2009

The Literature of the Miracle of the Third Millennium 2011

God’s Still Sheviring 2013

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