Feature Film: ON ENEMY GROUND, 55min., Italy, Documentary

Three years after the Genoa G8, Indymedia Italia, the local branch of this worldwide open publishing information network, receives a dramatic request for help: 25 protesters are charged with devastation and looting and might face many years in jail. This is how the story of SupportoLegale begins; in a few weeks, it will become one of the main players in the complicated history of the G8 trials.
Firmly rooted in the idea that all the protesters should be equally
defended without distinctions for their political practices, the
collective follows the trials by providing meticulous work on the
hundreds of hours of audio and video material brought to the courtroom by the prosecutor.
SupportoLegale is also an important, continuous source of information on both what is happening during the trials and
the following years, and it’s still raising funds for those sentenced to prison.
It is a story of reaction, determination and collective
responsibility, of people who, facing an abnormal repression, instead of taking a step back, decide to fight “on enemy ground”.

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