Director BIO: Kelly Perine (THEE WHO HESITATES….)

Since graduating from Pomona College in ’91 with a Film Studies degree, then attending UC Irvine in ’98 where he received an MFA in drama, Kelly has been a mainstay on television. He is recognized everywhere he goes from his starring roles on The Drew Carey Show, One On One, Seinfeld, Between Brothers, and Knight Squad. Kelly understands the actor’s process, knows how to pull a performance out of even the most shy actor, and loves being around creative and talented people more than he loves bacon.
Kelly often teams up with fellow Pomona grad Bry Sanders and the directing duo known as “The Sanderine Brothers” have created some of the most unique fare being produced today. Their film “Downward Hiro” won numerous Best Short Film awards and the feature script for the project has garnered glowing Black List reviews and is currently being shopped around. But for “Thee Who Hesitates…”, Kelly solos the helm and navigates a personal narrative on why he believes that getting vaccinated at this point in America’s history is especially critical for communities of color.

Director Statement

We find ourselves at an inflection point in our world’s history. The world is trying to find a way out of a once in a 100-year pandemic. Covid-19 has shut the planet down for a year, plus. And as we try to find a way to the other side, misinformation and disinformation are leading the United States to the brink of a self-perpetuating calamity. In the United States, where vaccines are available to everyone, many people in every community are choosing not to get their shots. Why? And as with all negative forces, the African-American community and communities of color are the hardest hit.

I hope you’ll watch “Thee Who Hesitates…” and it starts a discussion about getting vaccinated. A discussion, unfortunately, I know will be going on for some time to come.

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