Feature Film: ON ENEMY GROUND, 55min., Italy, Documentary

Three years after the Genoa G8, Indymedia Italia, the local branch of this worldwide open publishing information network, receives a dramatic request for help: 25 protesters are charged with devastation and looting and might face many years in jail. This is how the story of SupportoLegale begins; in a few weeks, it will become one of the main players in the complicated history of the G8 trials.
Firmly rooted in the idea that all the protesters should be equally
defended without distinctions for their political practices, the
collective follows the trials by providing meticulous work on the
hundreds of hours of audio and video material brought to the courtroom by the prosecutor.
SupportoLegale is also an important, continuous source of information on both what is happening during the trials and
the following years, and it’s still raising funds for those sentenced to prison.
It is a story of reaction, determination and collective
responsibility, of people who, facing an abnormal repression, instead of taking a step back, decide to fight “on enemy ground”.

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POLITICAL Festival Best Scene Reading: My Cold Dead Hands, by Michael Dunker

After the federal government passes a law to confiscate all military assault rifles in the United States, they create a task force to carry out these collections. In the onslaught of these interactions, a school shooting survivor refuses to accept the law citing if he had a gun, he could have stopped it.

Narration: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
VICTOR: Allan Michael Brunet
RAY: Geoff Mays
KELLY: Kyana Teresa

December 2021 Festival – Highlights and Videos

Festival Awards:
Best Documentary: FAKE
Best Direction: THEE WHO HESITATES…..
Best Sound & Music: RADIX 2
Best Cinematography: THE GAME THE DOUBT

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Directed by David Maddox

A well meaning math teacher finds herself trumped by a post-fact America.

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FAKE, 8min., USA, Documentary

Directed by Alan J. Chriest

Fake news is not new – but now it’s digital. From click-bait headlines to cyber disinformation, we are easily manipulated. What do we gain and what do we lose by our unquestioned beliefs that control our actions?

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I AM THE CANDIDATE, 3min., USA, Satire

Directed by Joseph Messer

Political Satire.

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THEE WHO HESITATES…., 8min., USA, Documentary

Directed by Kelly Perine

On April 24th, 2021, I got my 2nd vaccination shot. It came with a tinge of hope as I’d been locked down like the rest of the world for over a year. Now mere months later, with the Delta variant running rampant, the vaccination rates of African-Americans have slowed and we’re on the brink of another shutdown and outbreak. Why? In “Thee Who Hesitates…”, I explore my own journey to getting vaccinated and pondered the question of why African-Americans and people of color are still hesitant to get theirs. Even as the disease continues to spread.

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RADIX 2, 6min., Japan, Dance

Directed by Cristiano Leone

RADIX, conceived and directed by Cristiano Leone, is an audio-visual project that promotes a dialogue between contemporary creation and historical heritage.

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THE GAME THE DOUBT, 25min., Iran, Drama

Directed by Hamid Reza Mahmoudi

After a couple of years of effective efforts, Reza became a writer of the artist. He had to leave his country due to a lot of restrictions, which were an obstacle to achieve his dreams and his goals. Therefore, he made a pivotal decision which led to unexpected events and a lot of problems for him.

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Director BIO: Chris Farina (WE’RE ALL ZOMBIES)

I’ve been wandering around manifesting films all my life. I have had many adventures, and the stories all have energy and life. I’m also a ballerina and other artsy things, but i have yet to call myself an artist. I suspect many sensitive souls will identify with that hang up. Hey, that’s a pretty nice picture of me. That’s unusual. And I throw glamorous parties.

Director Statement

Nothing is as it seems, and once you see the truth, you can’t unsee it. Why is that, when magic is an invisible force? i don’t know, either. Love and light.

Short Film: RADIX 2, 6min., Japan, Dance

RADIX, conceived and directed by Cristiano Leone, is an audio-visual project that promotes a dialogue between contemporary creation and historical heritage.

RADIX 2 stars the Basque choreographer and dancer Iratxe Ansa and the Italian dancer Igor Bacovich.

Through this artistic video, Iratxe Ansa and Igor Bacovich pay homage to the cultural heritage of two anti-fascist intellectuals, the Spanish poet of Italian origins Rafael Alberti and his wife, the writer Maria Teresa León.

Having fled Franco’s Spain, the Alberti’s arrived in Rome following a long period in exile. During their time in Rome, Rafael Alberti wrote the poetic anthology Roma, peligro para caminantes, while Maria Teresa León wrote her vibrant autobiography, Memoria de la Melancolía.

In the short movie, the dancers (couple in life and art, just like Alberti and León) recite some verses extracted from these two works, evoking both the severe pain of a life in exile and the hope for a new beginning in the city that had just welcomed them: Rome in the 1960s. Both città Eterna (Eternal city) and città Sparita (Vanished city), Rome in the 1960s is the fierce city depicted by Fellini, in which the excessive baroque architecture coexists with ruins covered with inscriptions of love and politics.

The soundtrack is conceived for the occasion by the Spanish composer Marc Álvarez, who pays tribute to the orchestral compositions of Ennio Morricone and Nino Rota, restoring a lifeline that connects ancient Rome to the tempo of the 1960s.

In RADIX 2, the Baths of Caracalla are not only a magnificent setting: they become protagonists of the video as the dancers, whose bodies blend with the spaces of the ancient Palestre, the Caldarium and the Frigidarium, spreading like shadows over the roman mosaics and reinhabiting the openings that once hosted majestic statues.

The words of Rafael Alberti and Maria Teresa León, evoked by the dancers within this setting, acquire a powerful symbolism. The Baths were built by the emperor Antonino Caracalla who in 212 AD issued the Constitutio Antoniana, an edict that granted Roman citizenship to all the inhabitants of the empire.

In a time of political crisis, marked in recent weeks by the tragedy of the Afghan exiles, RADIX 2 is a tribute to all the people who are forced to leave their country and to those who live a form of exile for having chosen to defend their ideals.